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Do you consider yourself an expert in your field? The UK’s first knowledge trading website – – is on the hunt for human resource experts. Through you can trade your knowledge and in return not only will you earn a fee, but you will also gain a new business lead and enhance your reputation. aims to connect people who offer expert knowledge with companies who are looking for answers to help grow their business. If you know a lot about an industry, discipline or subject, all you need to do is package your know-how into a report and upload it free of charge on to for businesses to purchase.

With thousands of people being made redundant are envisaging many visitors to the site and you could be the first HR professional to have their report uploaded for sale. The price of your reports is decided by you and currently range from £3.00 to £500. Uploading a report on to the site is free of charge, the only fee you will pay is a small commission to for every sale you make. If a business cannot find the information they need, they can choose to commission a report from gibli’s network of experts thereby generating more sales leads for you.

Launched in April 2010 is the brainchild of Essex-based businessman Charles Joynson who recognised that information freely available on the Internet is often inaccurate or out-of-date, and making decisions based on information from unknown and untested sources is risky.

“While running my first start-up, supplying data for the pharmaceutical industry, I occasionally would get stuck and have real trouble finding someone who knew what to do. Matters came to a head when I tried to answer a question about my corporation tax bill. I searched the internet for information but I failed to find any so I built gibli where those with good advice can sell their ideas to those in need of answers.” said Charles Joynson, Director of gibli.

“At we are creating a unique platform where individuals and businesses can exchange know-how for mutual benefit. With you can gain a qualified answer within minutes. It enables experts in any business field to showcase and sell their expert business knowledge, and in turn provides a low-cost and quick way for businesses seeking knowledge to gain up-to-date information. In time it may become an important way for HR professionals to get new clients.”

To become a gibli expert please register with or call 01702 425 128 for more information.

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