A holiday that will get your kids back in touch with nature

When was the last time your child built a den, toasted marshmallows by a camp fire or went pond dipping?

Throughout spring and summer Bosinver Farm Cottages will be running a free Wild Kid’s Cornwall Club for guests in their 30 acres of wildlflower meadows and woodlands. Children will be able to explore their natural environment, imagine their own adventures and have experiences they will cherish forever. Run by forestry school trained staff daily activities will include mini beast safaris; pond dipping; building dens, animal feeding, woodland art, the Gruffalo trail and making bug houses.

“The majority of children these days rarely get time to just use their imagination, play free range and sample nature and wildlife in the raw – things that most of us took for granted as we were growing up.” said Pat Smith, owner of Bosinver Farm Cottages. “They are constantly supervised and attend structured after school activities. I worry that children have become distanced from nature which is why I launched the Wild Kid’s Cornwall Club. I’m surrounded by beautiful countryside and want to share it with as many people as possible.”

A survey recently showed that children’s freedom to play is being curtailed by adult anxieties about risks and dangers.

– 54% of parents are too afraid to tell kids to go and play traditional outdoor games in case of injury.
– While most of us grew up climbing trees, camping out in the garden, bike riding and rope swinging, one in five of us wouldn’t dream of encouraging our kids to take part in similar escapades nowadays.
– Less popular activities include going exploring (9%), playing make believe (8%) or climbing trees (3%).

The lure of TV and computer games keeps many indoors and their parents don’t mind too much, because while they’re inside the house, they can’t come to any harm. However, playing outdoors would improve the quality of life, health and general well-being of their children.

“You feel they are a bit of a target when they are young.” said Emma Henderson mother of 3. “I always encourage my children to play outside but I never let them out of the gate. The Wild Kids Club was a truly memorable back to nature learning experience for our boys. They learnt to make a campfire, identify trees, pond dipping and den building. The boys were in their element dragging big logs and branches to build the den. The children were given free rein to allow their imagination run wild. When our 6 year old fished up a newt from the pond, he could not disguise his delight and pride. The enthusiasm in their faces was clear; it was really lovely to see them all enjoying it. A wild nature experience not to be missed.”

“As a kid I used to go to the woods, play in the park and cycle for miles on my own. But now I worry about the traffic and their general safety. We have an estate nearby where there’s lots of crime, groups of kids hang around in the evening in the park and there’s lots of broken glass and graffiti.” said Andrew Brett father of 3. “When the kids are at home they attend very structured activities such as football, gymnastics and after school clubs. We have a park nearby which runs activities such as pond dipping but only the parents are allowed to do the dipping because of health and safety! Bosinver provided a rare opportunity for my children to get closer to nature.”

Set in 30 acres of wild flower meadows close to the sea, Bosinver Farm Cottages in Trelowth, Cornwall offers a range of family friendly self catering cottages. Families staying at Bosinver can join the Wild Kids Cornwall Club free of charge. Cottages range from £404 per week. More information please call: 01726 72128 or visit www.bosinver.co.uk

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