Selling the green agenda

The Institute for Sustainability is launching a suite of guides that explain the business opportunities arising from the emerging programme of low carbon retrofit work, in particular from the Government’s Green Deal, the Feed in Tariff, ECO and the forthcoming Renewable Heat Incentive. Targeted at small businesses in particular, the guides are available for free from their FLASH programme.

Red Earth in partership with SE2 wrote the marketing guide which provides practical, basic marketing advice. There’s a five step guide to writing a marketing plan, information on target audiences and their buying behaviour, trigger points, key messages and several case studies.

An overview of the marketing guide was presented at a Federation of Master Builders event last week. For a copy of the presentation click here.

On 27 September Red Earth PR and SE2 ran a series of marketing workshops at the FLASH + Launch Conference in Surrey. The aim is to help businesses with their marketing planning. Due to time pressures and lack of knowledge, many small businesses do not take the time out of their day to day work to plan their marketing. To help them, we have produced a simple 5 step guide to marketing planning that focuses on the domestic carbon retrofit market. For a copy please click here.